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Immersive VR Tactical Strategy

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About Expansion

Expansion is an immersive VR adventure with unique gameplay that blends strategy, action, exploration, and tactics, testing the limits of your intelligence and ability to devise intricate maneuvers. Assemble your battle squads, strategize their tactics, and engage in intense multiplayer battles to dominate resources and establish your intergalactic dominion.

Get into the shoes of a tactical warlord genius!

  • Immersive VR Sci-Fi Experience

  • Tactical Multiplayer Battles

  • Strategic Indirect Unit Control

  • Boundless World Exploration

Key Features


“Great graphics, with nice attention to detail in the animation and well-polished battle action. It takes no time to understand, even without jumping into the tutorial."

Jose Silva

"Great game! Love it."

Retro Rob

“This game is soooo much fun! Multiplayer is a blast! My cousin and I are addicted to this game! This is an extremely well-made tower defense game with fantastic highly 
polished graphics.”

Press Kit

Welcome to our press kit! Here, you'll find essential information, assets, and media resources showcasing Expansion, including a game overview, key features, visuals, artwork, media gallery, team details, and other relevant information for inquiries and interviews.


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